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Welcome! I’m Christina, and I help busy professionals achieve healthy work-life balance; with a focus on ancestral health, sleep, and mindfulness.

From Burnout to Balance

You have it together in so many areas of life, except when it comes to stress. As a busy health care provider, I know firsthand what it takes to shift from burned out to balanced. As your coach, I can support you to overcome what’s getting in the way of work-life balance, so that you can show up to life feeling and being your best, and most authentic self.

As the client, you are in the driver’s seat. As your coach, I provide the roadmap, supporting you to:

  • Uncover your own motivations for change
  • Prepare for and overcome obstacles
  • Maintain new behaviors and become your own health advocate
  • Adhere to a protocol prescribed by your healthcare practitioner, at your own pace and comfort level.

I truly believe you already possess the tools needed to reach your goals. My goal is to support you along your unique path to wellness, and be the accountability partner on your team as you journey one step at a time towards your healthiest life.

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