I’m Christina, and I created Grow with Grace Wellness, LLC to help anyone with high stress, burnout, and overwhelm to create a more balanced life and grow closer to optimal health. As a healthcare professional for the last decade, I know how difficult it can be to find time in the day for habits like sleep, cooking, meditation, and exercise. Often we know what we need or want to do, but struggle to actually make it happen.

Do you feel like a slave to your job or circumstances? Does self-care end up last on your to-do list? The good news is we CAN find time for our health. Together we will uncover tools to find greater balance, ease, and peace – whether in your health, relationships, career, or goals for the future. Once we find equanimity in our lives, we Grow our capacity to juggle whatever life throws at us with Grace.

I truly believe our health is meant to thrive. Our job is to provide the right environment. We have four responsibilities to focus on when achieving greater balance in health:

  1. Sleep
  2. Eat
  3. Move
  4. Meditate

I found balance in my own path to wellness after over a decade of struggling with a rare knee condition. After two surgeries, and handfuls of highly esteemed specialists, I felt discouraged and hopeless. I was told by many that my condition was incurable and required lifelong surgeries, and by others that I could heal myself with an herb, supplement, or insanely expensive alternative therapy. I felt intuitively that there had to be a missing link, a recipe of sorts that if done right, would restore balance in my body and help me to heal.

I learned about functional medicine and made lifestyle changes to improve my sleep, exercise, eating, and meditation habits that resulted in big improvements in my health, and how my knee felt and performed. I realized that stress was making me sick, and while diet and exercise were key parts of improving my health, managing my stress had to become my top priority. I learned what it was like to actually feel good in my body. I was also given something more important than any prescription: Hope.

I also learned that no one intervention is responsible for our wellness, but if we don’t tackle stress, even the healthiest lifestyle may not be enough.

Functional health is about finding and addressing the root cause of disease, while understanding that our bodies are intelligently and innately equipped to heal when given the right circumstances. Health coaching is all about you – your goals, your dreams, your vision for living your healthiest life.

It is my goal to help you find the intuitive healer within so you can Grow with Grace towards your healthiest life.