How Can Health Coaching Help?

Many of us already know what we need to do to stay healthy. In fact, I bet you can name several changes right now that you’d like to make to reach your health goals. The truth is, behavior change is hard! Although you probably already know WHY and WHAT you want to change, the HOW may be less clear.

As your coach, I am here to support, guide, and empower you as you navigate lifestyle and behavior changes. Our work together will help you connect to your motivations and strengths, uncover your own solutions, and discover the HOW of reaching your health and wellness goals. Health coaching is client-centered – you will play an active role in creating the agenda of our sessions, and decide how you want to be held accountable for your commitments. 

Below are just some of the concerns for which clients seek out coaching:

  • Weight loss
  • Change eating habits
  • Manage stress
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Increase physical activity
  • Improve energy
  • Sleep better
  • Support with starting a new diet or lifestyle change prescribed by a licensed clinician

What is an ADAPT Functional Health and Wellness Coach?

As an ADAPT Functional Health and Wellness Coach, I am trained to support clients using an ancestral approach to lifestyle and behavior change.  The ancestral approach to health and wellness asks us to examine how humans lived before chronic disease became so pervasive. In doing so, we can apply healthy habits in our own lives to create strength, balance, ease, and resilience.

The term ADAPT refers to the mismatch between our genes and our modern lifestyle. Humans have adapted to thrive in a certain environment, and our environment has changed dramatically since the industrial revolution, and even more so since our hunter-gatherer ancestors roamed the Earth. Since this time, chronic disease has become an epidemic.

A new report by RAND found that 60% of Americans have one chronic disease, and 42% have two chronic diseases. Many factors contribute to the development of chronic disease including a sedentary lifestyle, a highly processed diet, exposure to artificial light, chronic stress and work-life imbalance, overweight and obesity, alcohol use, and tobacco use.

Some good news: about 85% of chronic disease is determined by our environment. This means we hold much of the power to influence our health in how we eat, move, think, and sleep.

Whether your doctor or family member has encouraged you to make a lifestyle change, or you just want to live your healthiest life, I would be honored to be a part of your health journey.